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Great beer. Local beer. Unique beer. These are the philosophies I keep in mind when I’m writing our beer lists. I also try to keep a balanced list so that we can offer something for every taste preference out there.


Whether it’s an easy-drinking Blonde Ale, a fruit-forward Witbier, a hop-intense IPA, or a dark Stout, there’s sure to be something you’ll love. I try to carry as many hyper-local breweries as possible; the closer to one of our restaurants, the better – after all, an important brand philosophy is “support local”. We put an emphasis on meeting and knowing the local beer community. From touring to actually brewing beer with some of the most amazing brewmasters in the city, I’ve always believed that we should be involved with the great businesses that fuel our beverage program. From these visits, Tap Collabobeers came to fruition – recipes decided on by our bar team and the breweries, made exclusively for our restaurants!

- Ryan Craig, Beverage Director

We love BC wine. We make world-class whites, reds, pinks, and bubbles that speak to the super-natural beauty of our province.


To find these wines, we go straight to the source – the sunny vineyards and cool cellars of our province’s unique growing regions. We work closely with BC’s top winemakers to create wines perfect for our taps. Sometimes that means crafting a unique small batch from scratch, securing an iconic blend, or singling out a special barrel for our exclusive ‘Single Barrel’ series. It’s all done in service of celebrating BC on tap. This means offering a line-up of incredible local wines that represent our province’s best wineries, regions, grapes, and wine styles. It also means damn tasty wine. Let's drink to that.

Our food philosophy is simple: Pacific Northwest comfort food, locally sourced wherever and whenever possible, addictive flavours, always made with love by people who really care. Like our beverage program, we love partnering with local artisanal purveyors to showcase the best of our province.


Enjoy charcuterie from two rivers meats in North Vancouver, chicken and free run eggs from the Fraser Valley, fresh herbs from evergreen farms, local produce and pacific seafood. We use quality ingredients that we are proud of to create recipes that our guests will crave. The kitchen is our classroom where we come together to share innovative techniques so that we never stop learning and growing. After all, we are students. We are teachers. We are geeks.